Lily Kanter writes:  Richard was a very happy man; he loved life, he loved his work, he loved being Jewish, he loved telling people about his life in Japan; he was and is my life.  I hope I can preserve his memory for our children, who lost him too early......He was very healthy, happy, and easy-going; there was no reason for his sudden death other than some higher reason that I do not know.  He loved life so much, he had so much knowledge and love to share with the children; he was looking forward to retiring and spending more time with the family.  I do not know why he  [a massive heart attack, according to Richard’s dear friend and the JCK’s, Dr. Allen Minton] was very quick and I will be forever grateful that he died in my arms.  I closed his eyes and kissed him goodbye.  He will be buried in the Jewish cemetery here in Dusseldorf  [once the] paperwork [is] done.....In [our] short time here, Richard made friends with many people and will be remembered by all.  My life with him was a treasure; I do not know why it was cut so short [eleven years] so quickly.....I love him so much.

The Community joins widow Lily, son Izak Yordan (9), and daughter Hana Rosita (almost 7) in mourning their esteemed, beloved huband and father Richard Kanter, who died suddenly on May 6, one day before his 61st birthday, in Dusseldorf, Germany, which was to be his final pre-retirement USA Foreign Service posting.   While serving as commercial attaché at the consulate in Osaka in the 1990s, Richard was our Treasurer.   Although we missed him when he was transferred to Sofia, Bulgaria, we were thrilled and heartened to learn that he had met and would marry Lily, a local Jewish lady and joined them in being thankful that they were able to fulfill their cherished wish, as well as a mitzvah and simcha for us all: to bring into the world and raise children.