Japan, as well as Asia in general, have long and deep roots with Judaism. The following is just a smattering. If you know of some interesting weblink or story, please contact Michael Fox.

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The Jewish Community of Tokyo

There are two Chabad Organizations in Tokyo:

http://www.chabad.jp/ (Rabbi Mendi Sudakevich) Chabad Japan Center

http://chabadjapan.org/blog_e/welcome/ (Rabbi Binyomin Edery) Chabad of Tokyo Japan

Sugihara Memorial
Yaotsu City, Gifu Prefecture

Holocaust Education Center
Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Auschwitz Peace Museum
Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Japan Jewish Network

The JCC Kansai is small but not shy. We love reading about ourselves in the media. See something of interest, let us know!

Articles mentioning us:

Three Hours from Tokyo.
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Kobe, Brooklyn and Egypt
Originally published by Chabad (
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By Shimon Posner

The Jews of Japan
Article published in the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. (
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Other articles of interest about Judaica in Japan:

Japan's Auschwitz museum raising funds for more space (

Mideast envoys panicked after '72 apology to Israel (Read)

ASIAN JEWISH LIFE: A Journal of Spriit, Society, and Culture
is published quarterly in Hong Kong. The most recent edition contains articles by JCC Kansai members Michael Fox and Tracy Slater.